Taking off for a long weekend, join world-renowned chef Rick Stein as he embarks on his latest culinary adventure. Avoiding the usual tourist traps like Paris and Rome, Rick’s getting the inside track on some of our favourite destinations in Europe. Food is a huge part of the culture and history of any city – any the accomplished chef considers a wedge of cheese to have as much history as a baroque cathedral. Beginning his adventures in autumnal Bordeaux, Rick heads off in search of food excellence and brilliant recipes that people will love to cook at home.

Scouring bustling local markets for fresh produce, and great restaurants, wineries, cafes and bars for a taste of the traditional cuisine, Rick is the ideal guide on this exciting journey of weekend breaks. Returning to his own Padstow kitchen following his weekend getaway, Rick chooses three classic dishes from each location and shows us how to cook them. A hop, skip and a jump from just about anywhere in the United Kingdom, Rick will be taking us off the beaten path to stunning destinations including Reykjavik, Berlin and Vienna – it’ll be a long weekend to remember!