Tune-In: Sundays at 6:30pm

Food Factory takes viewers behind the scenes to show how some of our most beloved products are made, from iconic international brands to family-owned products. Taking a look at some of the most popular foods of the 21st century and how they’re made, viewers are treated to a mesmerising peek at the mega-industrial production lines which bring these food favourites to the masses.

This season we uncover the mouth-watering secrets behind some all-time favourite treats from America’s favourite licorice – Red Vines – to fudge, kettle chips, sushi, and much more. While some are lovingly handcrafted in artisanal kitchens, others are mass-produced on a mega-industrial scale. Either way, it’s a wild culinary ride as mountains of raw materials are transformed into the finished products we all know and love. Feast your eyes on this!