Mark Southon

Born in Liverpool and raised in Manchester, Mark Southon formally trained in the United Kingdom and at many Michelin star restaurants in Europe, before embarking on his culinary tour down under. Mark immediately landed a prestigious position at Vue de Monde – one of Australia’s top restaurants. He fell in love with our shores and continued his illustrious career with Simon Wright at the French Café before joining The Foodstore. Mark is now one of the finest chefs in New Zealand bringing a lovely blend of ‘elegance and sophistication’ to his dishes and was awarded 'Sous Chef’s Outstanding Chef of 2013’ at the 2013 Lewisham Awards. As executive chef at The Foodstore, the challenge Mark takes is to present the best food everyday, and it's a challenge where he exceeds. See him on Food TV’s The Foodstore Chefs and Best of NZ Food. “We are not in the business of cooking dishes, we are in the business of creating memories. If the memory lives on, you know you’ve hit your mark.”

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