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food Great Northern Cookbook Tuesday 8.30pm from 7 April
Great Northern Cookbook sees Sean Wilson explore the gastronomic heritage of towns in the north of England. In each episode, the culinary connoisseur visits different northern towns, experiencing the regional quirks that form the backdrop to the area’s industrial and gastronomic heritage, with a mission to take ... read more »
food Junior Masterchef S2 Saturday 7.00pm from 4 April
Return of the series that gives young cooks the chance to become a MasterChef champion – while inspiring other children to get cooking too. Proving that a passion for cooking is not just for the grown-ups, a group of young would-be chefs tie on the famous MasterChef aprons and compete to be named Junior ... read more »
food Chef's Protege S1 Weekdays 9.30pm from 6th April
The Chef’s Protege is the next generation of cooking competitions, bringing together three world-renowned Chefs- Tom Kitchin, Theo Randall and Michel Roux Jr as they mentor a group of aspiring culinary students. Most of the students are still in their teens so it is up to the Chefs to find ways to teach, inspire ... read more »
food Man V. Food S1 Weekdays 6:30pm from 1st April
Passionate Foodie Adam Richman is on a never-ending hunger quest to find the most mouth-watering pig-out joints in the United States. In towns across America, Adam will settle down in legendary local establishments, getting to know the staff and patrons and finding out just what makes these places so legendary, he'll ... read more »
food The Fabulous Baker Brothers: Bite of Britain Wednesday 8.30pm from 1st April
Baker Tom Herbert and his brother Henry, a butcher and chef, are on a mission to prove that British food is amongst the best in the world. The duo, who work for their family business, think that British produce gets a bad rap. So to set the record straight they are visiting six of their favourite locations from the ... read more »
food Mind of a Chef Weekdays 10.00pm from 6th April
Narrated by Executive Producer Anthony Bourdain, The Mind of a Chef combines cooking, travel, history, humor, art and science into a cinematic journey. Each episode enters and captures a glorious flicker from the mind of a chef and focuses on what it truly means to cook, think, create and live in the food-obsessed ... read more »
food Around the World in 80 Plates Saturday 9.30pm from 11th April
Around the World in 80 Plates takes culinary competition to the next level as up and coming chefs travel across the globe testing their skills and determination. In each episode, the contestants will travel to a different international city where they will learn the local customs, cultures, and cuisines as they ... read more »
food The Taste UK Friday 8.30pm from 24th April
Nigella Lawson, food maverick Anthony Bourdain, and critically acclaimed chef Ludo Lefebvre search for the first British winner of the high stakes cooking competition where flavour is the only thing that matters. Each week, Nigella and her fellow mentors will face a collision of fiery cookery challenges, ... read more »
food Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations S8 Thursday 8.30pm from 2nd April, encore Sunday 7.30pm
In his eighth & final season as host of his Emmy award-winning series, Anthony ventures to new locations around the world that pique his interest, from Sydney and Japan to Israel, China and Portugal. Diving head-first into each country’s rich culture whether he is discovering what makes the Croatian ... read more »
food Cake Boss: Next Great Baker S3 Saturday 4.00pm from 11th April
On the third season of Next Great Baker, Buddy is looking again to launch the career of a promising cake decorator and baker. He feels lucky that he has had the opportunity to make great cakes for high profile client and he wants to give some talented unsung cake artist that same opportunity. Who will be this year's ... read more »
food Man V. Food S2 Weekdays 6.30pm from 24th April
Adam Richman is on another hunger quest to find the most mouth-watering pig-out joints in the United States and tackling their famous food challenges along the way. Season 2 sees Adam against the six-pound Big Badass Burrito in Las Vegas, the three-and-a-half foot wide Big Lou pizza in San Antonio, and the Spicy Tuna ... read more »
food Masterchef UK
MasterChef UK is back to search for its tenth champion. Twenty-four contestants have been selected from thousands of hopefuls, but who has the necessary skill, talent and commitment to carry off the coveted title? In each of three initial heats, eight contestants face the infamous invention test, where they have just ... read more »

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