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food The American Baking Competition Sunday 4.30pm
Based on the hugely successful Great British Bake Off format, this exciting series sets out to find the best amateur baker in the US. Ten contestants line up to face three tough challenges in each episode – cooking up their own creation in the Signature bake, a test of their knowledge and skills in the ... read more »
food Donut Showdown Sunday 5.30pm
Welcome to the most intense, heart-pounding donut-making competition on the planet. Each episode of Donut Showdown showcases three of the best pastry chefs from across the nation as they test their creativity in the kitchen. The first round of competition begins with a test in creating a batch of donuts using ... read more »
food Heston's British Food Tuesday 8.00pm from 30th December
Britain is home to some of the most iconic dishes in the world. From fish and chips to spotted dick, pie and mash to roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, these are the meals that have kept Brits full and happy for centuries. In his new series Heston explores the stories behind some of these British favourites. Why ... read more »
food Supermarket Secrets Tuesday 9.00pm from 30th December
Prepare to unpack the secrets of the supermarkets as this revelatory series goes behind the scenes with Britain’s biggest supermarket chains to find out how they find, make and move the foods we all buy – on an epic scale. Supermarkets provide 90% of the food we eat in our homes and their control over ... read more »
food James Martin's Food Map of Britain Wednesday 8.00pm
Britain is not just a home - it is also a larder. Chef James Martin explores how the British Isles feeds the population, and he's doing it in a unique and revealing way: from the air. James, a pilot, takes to the skies to get an overview of how our landscape and climate affect where, what and how we farm and fish. ... read more »
food Paul Hollywood's Pies and Puds Wednesday 7.00pm
The UK's favourite baker, Paul Hollywood, invites viewers into his kitchen to learn how to bake with the maestro himself. Filled with the aroma of steaming hot pies and freshly baked desserts, and with a fridge full of the richest and ripest British ingredients, the series sees Paul passing on his skills, hint and ... read more »
food Nigel and Adam's Farm Kitchen Wednesday 9.00pm from 31st December
This ambitious series sees cook Nigel Slater and farmer Adam Henson join forces as they attempt to reconnect viewers with where their food comes from. They show how to get the most value, variety and flavour from the top 50 foods bought every week in UK supermarkets. Each episode sees Nigel present Adam with a ... read more »
food Turkish Delight with Allegra McEvedy Thursday 7.30pm
Chef Allegra McEvedy might be British through and through, but much of her cooking inspiration comes from the Middle East’s rich and exciting cuisine. Part food programme, part travelogue, this mouthwatering series sees her embark on a journey through Turkey to experience the enormous variety of tastes the ... read more »
food Shane Delia Spice Journey Thursday 9.30pm from 25th December
Shane Delia’s Spice Journey takes viewers on a culinary pilgrimage to explore his heritage and discover food traditions that go back thousands of years. From the old Phoenician outpost of Malta, where the aromatics and spices of the Middle East mingle with the European traditions of the Mediterranean, Shane ... read more »
food James & Thom's Pizza Pilgrimage Friday 8.00pm
Follow brothers James and Thom as they take to the road in their special Piaggio van on a three-wheeled culinary tour of Italy. They explore the origins of famous Italian dishes we all know and love and the vibrant food culture that continues to flourish in all corners of the country. This is a fresh, entertaining ... read more »
food Junior Bake Off S2 Saturday 5.30pm from 27th December
Aspirational and fun, Junior Bake Off is back for a second season, giving children who love baking their own chance to become a champion, while at the same time inspiring young viewers to get baking themselves. Over the course of 15 episodes, the series follows the young bakers' journeys from the heats all the way to ... read more »
food Saturday Cookbook Saturday 6.00pm from 27th December
Saturday Cookbook is a brand new food magazine show, guaranteed to start the weekend in style. In each show, food loving home cook and mum Nadia Sawalha and top chef Mark Sargeant wake up the nation with a mouth-watering line up of food. Each show is packed full of flavour, fantastic recipes, and illuminating ... read more »



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