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food The Hairy Bikers' Asian Adventure Sunday 7.30pm
In their most adventurous, far-flung road trip yet, the Hairy Bikers are touring the birthplaces of our favourite Asian cuisines - the food we know from our local takeaways and high street restaurants. They'll follow a route that traces the history of how Britain fell in love with food from all over the Far East - ... read more »
food Simon Hopkinson Cooks Tuesday 8.30pm
In this brand new series Simon Hopkinson will be revealing the sumptuous secrets that go into making the world’s most delicious restaurant dishes and showing how it’s possible to achieve those perfect professional results at home.  He’ll be featuring the most flavourful menus, with recipes ... read more »
food The Roux Scholarship Monday 9.00pm
The Roux Scholarship is the toughest and most respected cooking competition in the world. It’s also a real thing - not an event contrived for TV. With a renowned 30-year heritage, no other cooking competition on TV has the credentials, the history, or the integrity of The Roux Scholarship – and no other ... read more »
food The Roux Masterclass Wednesday 8.30pm
Get up close and personal with world-famous Michelin-starred chefs of the legendary Roux family! Discover their tricks of the trade and learn how to make top-notch restaurant food in your own kitchen. Featuring recipes from the series “The Roux Scholarship”, this show gives keen foodies the chance to ... read more »
food Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure Thursday 9.00pm
Ken Hom & Ching-He Huang cook their way across China in a visually rich culinary journey against the stunning backdrop of ancient and modern Asia. Beyond an exciting culinary odyssey, this will be an emotional homecoming, a cultural adventure, and an anthropological and historical road trip. Over four episodes, ... read more »
food Lorraine Pascale: Baking Made Easy Saturday 4.00pm
A highly trained patisserie chef with years of experience gained from working in some of the UK's most successful restaurants, ex-supermodel Lorraine Pascale is an expert baker and a master at creating every baked treat imaginable. In Baking Made Easy, Lorraine shares her secrets, passion and knowledge on baking sweet ... read more »
food Michela's Classic Italian Thursday 7.30pm
Welsh-Italian cook Michela Chiappa shares her favourite recipes for 10 classic Italian dishes and meets renowned chefs for their take on why Italian food is so popular and influential. Nowadays bruschetta, linguine and pesto are loved worldwide, and Italian cuisine is an international go-to choice for food that's easy ... read more »
food Worst Cooks In America S5 Saturday 8.30pm
In the brilliant fifth season, America’s worst cooks descend upon New York to participate in a culinary boot camp with two top chefs.  Their objective: to learn to cook like a pro in the hope of bluffing a group of food critics that they’re the next Gordon Ramsay and winning a $25,000 prize in the ... read more »



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