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food Paul Hollywood's Bread Sunday 17.30
Paul Hollywood’s Bread is a delicious new series from Britain’s foremost artisan baker, showing viewers everything they need to know about making bread. Paul passionately believes that everyone can make their own bread – baking is in his blood, and like his father and grandfather before him has ... read more »
food Rick Stein's India Tuesday 20.00
Intrepid chef Rick Stein embarks on a spectacular culinary journey through the Indian sub-continent in his quest to find the perfect curry and discover the origins of dishes, ingredients and spices that are celebrated the world over. This colourful series offers viewers a feast of delights influenced by ... read more »
food Food & Drink Wednesday 19.30
A warm and entertaining series hosted by popular Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jr, whose passion for food and drink brings to life key consumer issues and trends through gorgeous recipes, stunning produce and kitchen secrets.              The legendary ... read more »
food Rachel Allen's Everyday Kitchen Wednesday 20.30 From 29 October
Rachel Allen isn't just passionate about food, she's also a busy working parent determined to show that anyone can cook gorgeous meals even when time or money is tight. She firmly believes that with the right ingredients and a little know-how you can eat well and live well too. Featuring great recipes prepared ... read more »
food Spice Trip Thursday 20.00
Award winning young chef Stevie Parle and spice expert Emma Grazette are both passionate about spices. They believe spices are the easiest way to make food exciting and are off on a trip to change the way we use them. The incredible duo is off around the world, their backpacks stuffed with cooking utensils, to ... read more »
food No Kitchen Required Thursday 21.00
In this action-adventure cooking competition New Zealander Kanye Raymond, Michael Psilakis and Madison Cowan leave the comforts of their kitchens and are dropped into remote locations around the world. From countries as diverse as New Zealand, Alaska, Bahamas, and Japan, they will find themselves learning about new ... read more »
food Chef Race Friday 20.30 From 24 October
This is a cookery show like no other. Sixteen chefs – eight Britons and eight Americans – face culinary challenges designed to separate the sous-chefs from the Michelin masters, with their reputations and a cash prize at ... read more »
food The Great British Bake Off S3 Saturday 17.30
This Bafta-winning series has got to be one of the most mouthwatering contests on television. The Great British Bake Off is an entertaining and exciting search to find and crown the nation’s best amateur ... read more »



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