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..Makes Things Better
The ladies from Baking Makes Things Better share their tips and recipes for incredible baking!

Easy Chinese...

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Why order takeout when you can actually make a quick and healthy Chinese meal with what you already have in your kitchen?

Cake Boss....

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....Baby Special
In this special episode of Cake Boss, Buddy and Lisa prepare to welcome their fourth child, and get the bakery ready for one of the busiest days of the year: Valentine's Day.

Food and Wine...

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...Creative Yvonne Lorkin
Yvonne Lorkin is our Food and Wine editor. Visit her site for in-depth knowledge and reviews.

Peking Duck with Plum and Hoisin Sause

Featured Recipes

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Braised beef short ribs with pico de gallo (costilla de res con pico de gallo)
A pressure cooker is a great way to use flavoursome inexpensive cuts of meat, turning them from tough to falling-off-the-bone in minutes rather than hours. The ...

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Braised beef with fire-roasted green chillies (carne con chilli verde)
Also known as chilli con carne, this spicy beef dish is true cowboy food from the north of Mexico. Some great but simple ingredients, a single pot and a little patience, ...

Popular Recipes

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Papa Roti Buns (coffee crusted buttery sweet buns)
The perfect sweet bun to serve with a cafe latte! From A Kiwi Baker in California, recipe courtesy of Dean ...

In Season Recipes

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Apple Tarte Tatin
A delicious recipe from Mark Southon, executive chef at The Foodstore ...





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CHEF - Mark Southon

Born in Liverpool and raised in Manchester, Mark Southon formally trained in the United Kingdom and at many Michelin star restaurants in Europe, before embarking on his culinary tour down under. Mark immediately landed a ... more

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